Orisa- Empowering the Goddess in You

Hello Fashion Lovers!

If you are wondering why you should be reading this blog, I am here to tell you not only why you should read it, but also why you are going to fall in love with Orisa.

Orisa is a fashion-forward African clothing brand that believes in inclusion, sustainability, empowerment, and ethics. Orisa not only has these strong values, but they incorporate it in each piece that is being created. The African fashion styles that are created at Orisa are for feminine energy-- which means that we are a gender inclusive brand! Orisa wants you to feel as you belong and you can identify as you would like without feeling as you need to fit under society’s constraints.

Here at Orisa you can simply be you and our goal is help you be the best you can be! That is exactly why Orisa's motto is "Empowering the Goddess in You" and that also explains the name of this trendy guilt-free fashion brand because Orisa in Yoruba means “Goddess”. So while you are reading this post, please stop for a second and look in the mirror because you truly are a goddess. We just want to help you feel that way all the time!!

We provide all types of trendy ankara clothing such as swimwear, dresses, tops, and bottoms and we provide a range sizes from XS to 3XL. We provide a modern twist on African traditional clothing from mudcloth, ankara, kente, shweshwe, dashiki, and adrie. You can check out our unique pieces on our website, but guess what!! We are so excited to announce that we have upcoming collections for this summer! We can’t wait to see you in our amazing trendy summer pieces.

Orisa is a black owned business and our trendy clothes are hand-made just for you! Behind every single piece there is a lot of work, love and desire to spread African culture worldwide. Here at Orisa, we believe in building a community. We aren’t only selling clothing, but we want to sell you an experience that you couldn’t find elsewhere. We hope you give us the chance to take part in this journey to find the goddess in you!

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